Travel Vaccinations

Due to a worldwide shortage of several travel immunisations we are unable to provide a full travel service.

Patients need to go to a private travel clinic or pharmacy who offer travel clinics, we recommend that you seek a travel consultation/advice at least 8 weeks before departure; for further information visit

The practice will provide patients with the following NHS vaccinations provided patients provide the nurse with evidence of a prior travel consultation:

  • Hepatitis A for adults – free for eligible NHS patients
  • Hepatitis A for children – currently unavailable – free to eligible NHS patients
  • Typhoid – free for eligible NHS patients
  • Tetanus (DTP) – free for eligible NHS patients

It is advisable to check out the latest information on passports, visas, security issues, flu epidemics etc. for travelling overseas.

Details can be found on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website:

Please remember that when traveling abroad, we are not insured, and we are not in the best position to give you medical advice. As a result, we will be unable to consult with you until you are back in the UK. This includes telephone and online consultations.