University Students Registration

We are the only doctors practice whose catchment area incorporates the main Halls of Residence of the University of Greenwich (Devonport House, Cutty Sark Halls & Rachel McMillan Halls).

Students studying at the University of Greenwich have used our range of health care services for many years, most of which stay registered with us for the duration of their course.

If you are staying in a private residence you may still be eligible to join, as long as your address falls within our catchment area; please refer to our practice boundary or contact reception for further advice.

Students who are entitled to NHS care are strongly advised to register as soon as possible when moving to the local area. This process is much easier when you are well, rather than leaving it until you require urgent medical advice.

Once accepted onto our register we will carry out a New Patient Assessment, this helps us get to know your medical needs whilst we are waiting for your records to arrive from your previous doctor.

After registration at this practice we will request your full medical records and hold them as your permanent doctor. This means when you travel home during term breaks, and you need medical advice, you will need to be seen as a temporary resident, otherwise when you return your records will have been recalled and your registration with us cancelled.